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The equipment is used for all of mobile phone shell slot size of the size and location of the inspection, and presence of inspection, and other functions.

Characteristics of the equipment

Detection stability, fast speed, easy operation, strong adaptability to similar products.

Can take the way of independent control for each station, can according to customer demand design suitable simplex bit device.

Intermediate station can be fully human liberation, ensure the accuracy of the size of product testing;

Assembly line type design, can the docking assembly line, the realization of full automatic, it can be used alone;

Use transparent cover will work part of the whole block, the door are equipped with safety switch, when the door is opened the machine to stop or cannot start (can design according to the actual demand).

Performance indicators

To adapt to the product scope: mobile phone shell

Efficiency: 720 PCS/h (according to check how many slots of varies)

Single-phase AC220V power specifications: 50/60 hz

Rated power: 1.5 KW

Environmental requirements: dry at room temperature

Dimension: 2150 X600 (L) (W) X1750 (H) mm

Equipment weight: 500 kg