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Domestic automatic filtering equipment market surge in demand


At present, there are different filtration equipment, including different types such as filter, filter, filter, which filters are on the market the most widely used filtering equipment, occupy half of the filtering equipment market in China.

As is known to all, for filtering equipment, filtering effect is undoubtedly the most important performance indexes, is also the core competitiveness of the equipment. As the new industrial development, the technology level of filtration equipment.

Foreign filtration equipment automation degree is high, there have been some special filtration equipment, and attaches great importance to the strengthening of the filtering process and auxiliary measures to enhance the effect of filter filtration equipment. In contrast, domestic filtering equipment industry, though the industry developed rapidly, and formed the basic market system, but the domestic equipment to meet the market rate is not high, equipment efficiency and foreign advanced level is large.

The quality of pharmaceutical water to a great extent, affects the quality of the drug. Therefore, filtering equipment become one of the important categories in the field of pharmaceutical water machine. And filtration equipment is an important device, a water pretreatment can effectively remove the suspended solids in the water, colloid, silt, clay and humus content, particulate impurities, to reduce the turbidity of water, to clarify the purpose of water quality, it has been widely applied in pharmaceutical field.

With the continuous development of domestic pharmaceutical industry, all kinds of filter equipment demand will continue to increase, the domestic pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical equipment enterprise only continuously improve the work efficiency of domestic filtering equipment, to keep up with the market, meet the needs of more customers.