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Polishing automation growth lines used for product surface polishing.

Characteristics of the equipment

The multiple polishing, polishing from coarse polishing to fine one pace reachs the designated position.

Round and square general product specification variety;

Easy to operate, easy to replace the product, different specifications products only on the man-machine interface to set parameters;

Can docking product line, can also be used alone, can work independently for each station, can also be linked (can design according to the actual demand).

Performance indicators

Applicable scope of products: round diameter Φ 120 mm or less, square the biggest side 120 mm or less;

A length of 550 mm or more

Production efficiency: 60 PCS/h (the length is 3000 mm, the efficiency is for reference only, the efficiency will change according to the length of the product and polishing degree change);

Single-phase AC220V power specifications: 50/60 hz

Rated power: 165 kw

Environmental requirements: dry at room temperature

Dimension: 16000 X1500 (L) (W) X1600 (H) mm

Equipment weight: 5000 kg