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Auto drainage pipe production line 20 mm diameter used in all kinds of pipe surface dressing or stick tape, stick sponge. Incoming material into a roll of tape and roll the sponge can be automatic stripping, automatically wrap around the pipe, and has the functions such as automatic adjustment bandaging position.

Characteristics of the equipment

1. The machine production is high, easy to operate, convenient replacement products;

2. The bandage sponge attached with a position can be set on the man-machine interface.

3. The material can be has been cut off or coil.

4. Use transparent cover will work part of the whole block, the doors are equipped with safety switch, when the door is opened the machine to stop or cannot start (can design according to the actual demand).

Performance indicators

Adapt to the range of products: pipe diameter (outside) : 10 ~ 20 mm;

Length: incoming (cut off) from 600 ~ 1800 mm in length, material (coil) for more than 1000 mm;

Encapsulates the smallest distance is: 100 mm. The maximum width of 80 mm sponge.

Efficiency: 360 PCS/h (plastic bags four position, stick sponge 1 location)

Single-phase AC220V power specifications: 50/60 hz

Rated power: 1.5 KW

Environmental requirements: dry at room temperature

Dimension: 2500 X1500 (L) (W) X1400 (H) mm

Equipment weight: 300 kg